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Info For XL Bully Owners

If you have an XL Bully or a dog which fits the XL Bully standard, of any age, you have until January 31st 2024 to apply for a certificate of exemption. (Registrations are not yet open)
Read the full legislation on the link below

As a training club, we do not support this blanket ban, but unfortunately, we are bound by government legislation.
We will however continue to accept all breeds in our classes.
It's of utmost importance to muzzle train your dog now, so they are happy wearing one, this isn't something you can do suddenly, it takes time to gradually introduce.

From February 1st 2024 We will still accept XL Bullies in our classes
  *We will need to see the exemption certificate & proof of address
  * We will need to see a copy of owners 3rd party insurance
  * Microchip will be checked ( standard with all breeds at our club)
  *Dogs over 1 year old must be neutered ( Dogs of any age must be neutered by the end of June)
  *Dogs will wear appropriate muzzles at all times
  *Dogs will be on lead at all times ( longline & harness for recall work)   



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