Beginners Hoopers group class starting on May 5th at 5pm 
Dogs must be comfortable around others ( we offer 1-1's for reactive dogs)
All dogs should have some basic obedience training & be over 6 months of age.
                              5 week Course £50   Bookable via link below.


About Hoopers...

Hoopers is a fun, low impact dog sport.
The equipment is suitable for any sized dog, from mini to giant breeds & all ages from puppy to veteran.
There's no jumping, no tight turns. Just flowing courses of Hoops, Barrels & Tunnels.
This course will teach you how to negotiate the obstacles, perform crosses & more.
At the end of the course, you'll be able to submit a video to be assessed for a fabulous UK hoopers HooperStar Award (we'll even help you with the filming)

Hoopers competitions are held all over the country for teams of all abilities.
See UK Hoopers for more details on competitions.