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K9 Capers Dog Training Club Improvers Course

Improvers course

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Monday 6pm -6.50

Our Improvers course is suited to owners with older pups who have a grasp of basic training (sit, down, recall, lead walking, etc) & also older dogs whose owners wish to take their training to the next level. Maybe you have a rescue dog that you're working with to build a better bond.

We work with the dog's natural behaviour & abilities, find what he/she finds rewarding and then use that to produce awesome results.

This course covers stays (building up distance and length),
Loose lead walking ( direction changes & change of pace) 
Send to bed ( moving away from the handler and going to a bed, mat or marker)
The Stand ( being comfortable when handled, for a veterinary check, grooming or showing)

As well as all the usual basic training we also include enrichment training which builds their confidence in you & their environment.

At the end of the course, you'll receive a K9 Capers certificate and then have the choice of furthering your training with us & going on to the Bronze, Silver & Gold Good Citizen Awards.

£60 for 5 weeks 
Spaces are limited, so book now!!!

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