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Thank you for enrolling in our Improvers Course which starts on Monday, July 8th at 18;00  ( if you've accidently enrolled in the wrong class please respond to this email so we can rectify & put you in the right class)
A map of our location & full address is on our website HERE

On arrival the barrier will be open, please drive in & through the gates to your left ..... park anywhere as long as you're not blocking the steps to the building. There should be spotlights on to light the car park, but it is rather dark if they fail.  

A few Rules ( we don't have a lot)
PLEASE when you arrive, see if your dog wants to toilet before entering the building 


Please don't allow your dogs to "say hello" to one another. We want them to focus on their owners & not each other. If they play in the car park, you'll really struggle to calm them in class.

Children are welcome, but please don't allow them to touch any other dogs without permission, we try to include them in the class where we can so they don't get too bored.

Please let us know if you may be late, or are lost....the best number to call or text is 07966168396  

Finally if anyone (Human or Canine) has any symptoms of illness, please don't attend class. Just let us know & we'll do our best to bring you up to speed when we can.
If your dog is coughing, wheezing or sneezing please stay away, keep your dog at home & get advice from your vet if they aren't improving in 5 days.
If you or your dog has symptoms after a class....let us know asap. So we may warn other owners.    

What to bring
Your Dog!!
Lots of treats, tiny tasty little, easily digested pieces. ( we use a lot) a quiet toy (we train indoors & squeakers will drive us all crazy!!) 
A mat or blanket, a suitable size for your dog to lay on.
A well-fitting collar, we recommend a harness too as  dogs find them more comfortable, a lead ( not an extendable, or flexi type)
Water & a bowl (training is thirsty work)
poo bags
A sense of humour!!

Please, if you haven't already, join our MAILING LIST to keep up to date with our news & receive an email should we have to cancel a class ( it happens rarely but sometimes it's unavoidable)
We also use the front page of our website & our Facebook pages to share info.

We look forward to meeting you

Lorraine & Kelly

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